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Tank's Journal

AWS: How is the rehab coming on your knee?

TW: Oh, it is coming good. I am getting a lot of strength and motion back in my knee. I am getting to the point now where I can do my drills pretty well and able to run on it a few times a week, so it is coming along just fine.

AWS: Do you have any apprehension or nervousness about getting back on the field after your surgery?

TW: Nah. I am pretty confident and you know just going up in there and doing what I need to for my rehab and you know, if everything works out as it should, I should be on the field and healthy come training camp.

AWS: What do you think about the defensive guys the Titans picked up in the draft?

TW: The Pac-Man? Pac-Man, he’s cool, he’s cool. You can tell he knows a lot about offenses and you know he is definitely not a shy guy. He likes to talk it up on the sidelines. But, you need someone that is going to talk it up, you need somebody that is confident out there. We are looking for him to run the field and do some good things for us this year.

AWS: And the other defensive rookies?

TW: You know, everybody is in the process. They are in the early stages, trying to get the defense down and learning the calls and what they are supposed to do. Everyone, their heads are kind of spinning right now. Right now, they are young guys. As they get settle down and get acclimated to the defense and their calls they will be able to start making more plays. Right now, their heads are spinning from all the acclimation.

AWS: The team struggled a little bit last season, what can Titans’ fans expect from the team this next season?

TW: It is definitely going to be a younger group. But, you know, it will be sprinkled with veteran leadership here and there. There are a lot of guys still on the team that went through a run my first year we went to the AFC Championship and then we went to the playoffs a year afterwards so they have some guys who know what it takes to get to the playoffs and you have to get to the playoffs to be successful. So, I mean, we will just have to just bring the younger guys along with us and you know, just play ball. There’s not going to be a lot of people picking us but you know, I kind of like playing the underdog role.

AWS: What is your favorite place to play on the road?

TW: Oh, man. I guess pretty much every road game next year as long as I am out on the field and I am healthy and able to compete here. No matter where I am playing now, I am just anxious to get back on the field really.

AWS: What would you say is the highlight moment of your career so far?

TW: So far, probably just the first game; just stepping on the field and knowing that I made it to the league. Because that was one of my dreams and one of the goals of mine was to play in the NFL and just being able to step on that field for the first time and actually starting my first game out is probably one of the most memorable moments I have.

AWS: What CD are you listening to these days?

TW: I actually have my I-Pod in my car. I have my whole music library in my car so you know, I’ve got plenty of songs, thousands of songs to choose from.

AWS: What game is in your X-Box or Playstation right now?

TW: Oh, I haven’t played on a Playstation in a while, but probably that Tiger Woods golf game. That is a pretty sweet game right there.

AWS: What is the last movie you saw?

TW: Star Wars. Yeah, it is good. It is worth the money.

AWS: Have you been back home this offseason?

TW: Nah, I haven’t been home yet. I haven’t been home. I need to get home soon. I need to get some fishing in. I have been rehabbing Monday through Friday on this knee trying to get it right. So, that is where I have been spending most of my time.

AWS: Does the rehab get frustrating?

TW: No. Not too much. I know what I need to do to get back on the field. So it is not frustrating. Just trying to do my business.
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